Short stories by Eileen Pollack

Eileen Pollack is a writer whose novel Breaking and Enteringabout the deep divisions between blue and red America, was named a 2012 New York Times Editor’s Choice selection. She also is the author of Paradise, New York, a novel, and two collections of short fiction, In the Mouth and The Rabbi in the Attic, as well as a work of creative nonfiction called Woman Walking Ahead: In Search of Catherine Weldon and Sitting Bull (made into a major motion picture starring Jessica Chastain) and two innovative textbooks, Creative Nonfiction and Creative Composition.  A long-time faculty member and former director of the Helen Zell MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of Michigan, she now offers her services as a freelance editor and writing coach. Eileen has a column on writing at MEDIUM, which you can check out here

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When a middle-aged man from a Jewish household goes to visit his father in the hospital, he learns that his father was not born Jewish but unofficially converted and was never circumcised. The man must now find a way to have his father circumcised so he can be buried next to his late wife in a cemetery only for Orthodox Jews.