Short stories by Libia Brenda

Libia Brenda is a writer, editor, and translator based in Mexico City. She writes speculative fiction as well as nonfiction and criticism about science fiction and fantastic literature. Her work has been translated from Spanish into English, Italian, and Portuguese. She is one of the co-founders of the Cúmulo de Tesla collective, a multidisciplinary working group that promotes dialogue between the arts and sciences, with a special focus on science fiction; and Mexicona: Imagination and Future, a series of Spanish-language conversations about the future and speculative literature from Mexico. She was the first Mexican woman to be nominated for a Hugo Award, for the bilingual and bicultural anthology A Larger Reality/Una realidad más amplia. After that, she edited A Timeline in Which We Don’t Go Extinct, another bilingual anthology that is also a video game, which is free to download and play. She edited the Mexico special issue of the speculative fiction magazine Strange Horizons, published in November 2020.

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A journalist interviews his favorite writer, only to discover that her seemingly science fiction novels are more realistic than he realized.