Short stories by Charles Stross


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In this futuristic world, an AI has been artificially creating souls and transplanting them into human bodies, thus making the majority of the human population. Fearing the AI will turn evil, a woman and her team try to convince humanity to leave the planet.

In modern-day England, an English man who works for a secret organization that deals with the occult has to stop an infestation of murderous unicorns.

A girl with cybernetic advancements, having run away from her overbearing mother by selling herself into corporate slavery on the outer fringes of Jupiter, devises a plan to ensure that her mother cannot use religious laws to bring her home.

A man, who has genius ideas that he shares with others to make him rich, is contacted by a rogue AI that is comprised of hijacked lobster brains. At the same time, his IRS-tax-collector fiancé tracks him down and schemes to rope him back into their engagement.

A girl and her space crew are trapped inside an alternate reality by another sentient intelligence after a mission gone wrong. She must free her crewmate and come up with a way to escape.

On Christmas, a security guard tries to prevent a monster from exploiting the weakness of the dimensions to reach Earth and destroy the world.