Short stories by Will Ludwigsen.

When asked where I’m “from,” I don’t quite know how to answer: I lived in New York until I was five, a small seaside Florida town until I was eleven, and a small inland Florida town until I was seventeen. I guess the more accurate answer is that I’m “from” a world of stories, from Sherlock Holmes and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Twin Peaks and Catcher in the Rye and Star Trek and H.P. Lovecraft and “The Body” and In Search Of. I’ve parlayed my dangerous delusional grasp of reality into writing short fiction for magazines like Asimov’s Science FictionAlfred Hitchcock’s Mystery MagazineWeird TalesCemetery Dance, and many others. My collection In Search Of and Others was nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award. When I’m not writing horror-tinged fiction, I’m writing horror-tinged non-fiction as an instructional designer for companies and government agencies of various sizes or teaching horror-tinged creative writing to anyone who will invite me. There’s more about me on Wikipedia, if you’re interested.

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A writer for the ’60s most famed and experimental television series watches the shows phantasmic creator choose between recluse genius and a quaint life of normalcy. Faced with stubborn alcoholism, a hit television series resemblant of the twilight zone, and a tree stump with questionably magical properties, the narrator watches cinematic wunderkind David Findley toe the line between brilliance and delusion.