Short stories by Nino Cipri

Nino Cipri is a queer and trans/nonbinary writer, editor, and educator. They are a graduate of the 2014 Clarion Writers’ Workshop, and earned their MFA in fiction from the University of Kansas in 2019. A multidisciplinary artist, Nino has also written plays, screenplays, and radio features; performed as a dancer, actor, and puppeteer; and worked as a stagehand, bookseller, bike mechanic, and labor organizer. One time, an angry person on the internet called Nino a verbal terrorist, which was pretty funny. Nino’s 2019 story collection Homesick won the Dzanc Short Fiction Collection Prize, and their novella Finna — about queer heartbreak, working retail, and wormholes — will be published by in 2020. They also write a bimonthly newsletter, COOL STORY, BRO, about multi-media narratives and how cool they are. They are represented by DongWon Song of the Howard Morhaim Agency.

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Nita, a young millennial in Chicago, decides to record interviews with her hook-ups as part of a sociologically-influenced art project. But when she falls in love with one of her subjects—a woman with an obscure past and a web of scars on her back—Nita finds herself drawn into a supernatural world from which she may never return.