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Feeling unloved by her sisters, a woman elopes to Houston only for her marriage to swiftly fall apart and her cat to abandon her. However, an unexpected development allows her to reconcile with her sisters and finally be at peace.

An encounter with a grieving ex-soldier forces a Women's Army Corps member to realize the army may have robbed her of her ability to see death as anything but a necessary sacrifice.

After struggling to appeal to their state governor, a dysfunctional family anxiously awaits the public execution of a relative. As they wait at home new of the execution, tensions and strife erupt in a dispute over the relative's innocence.

Two reluctant passengers on a Caribbean cruise clash with the experienced Tour Director, and their conflict indirectly leads to the entire trip becoming a resounding failure.

A high school English teacher copes with his disappointing reality by imagining a secret life for himself at a distinguished university campus - but he is shocked and furious when one of the students that he looks down upon has a similar method of escapism.