Short stories published in The Strand Magazine.

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A schoolteacher at a newly desegregated Southern school agonizes over whether to turn a Black student in for the murder of a white boy in an alley fight, in order to prevent a white mob from murdering the student's friends and family. The Black student explains he didn't commit the murder and only acted in self-defense, but he insists on turning himself in to protect his neighborhood.

A farmhand is shot as he attempts to assault one of the farm's female boarders, and the ensuing legal altercations are messy and painful.

In World War II Texas, Aaron’s grandfather shelters a group of Mexican migrants in his barn. When Mr. Watts, a federal agent with ties to the clan and a mysterious past with Aaron’s mother, shows up to investigate Aaron’s grandfather, the adults are forced to reconcile the past and Aaron must piece together his family history.

When a sheriff and his deputy try to talk down a gun-wielding hostage-taker, the deputy surprises the sheriff — and the hostage-taker — with his unexpected behavior.

A cash strapped married couple executes the perfect heist of a bank nobody would think to rob.

An aging hitman has felt unwelcome in the Ohio Italian Mafia ever since new leadership took over. But when the young new boss attempts to kill off the hitman, it ends up backfiring on him.