Short stories published in The Sewanee Review

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On Native American lands in the Old South, a young Indigenous man competes with a white steamboat pilot for the affection of a woman.

In an old family house in Maine, the family patriarch announces his death the same day that his granddaughter is to be married. His grandson is named the sole heir, and conflict ensues.

One night in the late 1960s, an American couple vacationing at a lake in Germany gets split up, filling both with dread and fear as they are pushed to their limits trying to reunite.

On a writing retreat in Nova Scotia, a historian caught between his loving family and his kind mistress struggles to live outside of history.

A mentally ill, medicated man whose life has been wracked with death is able to regain control over a small portion of his life when the ashes of a loved one wind up in his possession.

Frequent beatings from his father and the casual dismissal of his childhood fears lead to the deterioration of a boy's mental health, and the loss of the only 'real' person in the world leaves him in despair.

A New Yorker returns to his childhood home with his family and comes to understand family dynamics more acutely when he visits a drug store run by a pharmacist whom he used to terrorize as a child.

In modern day New York City, a woman working on a movie set attracts an actor who might just give her the life of fame she's always wanted.

When a picture of a college freshman in a Confederate flag bikini begins circulating online, the teenager must decide whether to shrug off the backlash or face the consequences of her own actions.

A teenager joins the Marines and goes to Quantico for training, but it is not longer before he starts to wonder whether he can endure the physical and mental challenges he faces there.