Short stories published in Scribner's Magazine

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A taxi driver picks up a mysterious, dirty child who only wants to ride with him. As he picks her up in different spots throughout the summer, he decides he wants to learn more about the unusual girl.

A middle-aged widower dreams of asking a younger local woman to be his wife, but it has been years since his wife died and he has forgotten how to court a woman. As the woman continues to visit his cabin, he must work up the courage to tell her how he feels.

A few men gather in a small house to discuss what makes humanity unique as compared to the rest of nature.

In the post-WW1 streets of Paris, a jilted lover tries to get revenge, thwarted at every turn by two bumbling Americans.

A rambunctious teenager with an inquisitive mind causes much grief for all his New England family and neighbors when he visits them in the summer of 1914, on the eve of World War I.

An unemployed man struggles to help an equally penniless, yet shockingly beautiful, young woman in her search for food and shelter.

After closing a business deal for his beloved empire in New York, a young Italian imperialist seeks out his supposedly successful brother in the desert, but finds him emotionally and mentally devastated by the unforgiving American landscape.

A couple with a rocky marriage argues over fetching a newspaper, which becomes a catalyst for their impending divorce. When they unexpectedly reunite over a decade later, the former couple witnesses how their lives disparately transformed thanks to the fateful newspaper.

Upon returning to Paris after a decade-long hiatus wandering the French countryside and writing an epic, a poet encounters an enigmatic young woman who believes he is a god and wants to be his disciple,

A father involved in the business of trading horses becomes involved in a trade with an infamous trader while running errands for his wife.