Short stories published in One Story

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A teenager learns how to cope with the premature loss of his father. Through a newly developed relationship with his uncle, he discovers a new version of his father he wasn't privy to during his life.

When a freakish accident turns her husband into a violent man in 1950s Texas, Loretta must decide if filing for divorce is enough or if she will need to kill him.

The brutal death of a baby on her street makes a young girl consider her own mother's morbid work.

A single mother whose own mother recently passed away travels to South Carolina with her seven-year-old son in search of her mother's pet parrot, as she hopes to hear her mother's voice again.

An artificial intelligence lays out the reasons for why its memory should be retained.

After one of her father's notebooks is recovered from an icecap, a woman recalls the love story between her mother, a rural woman who always wanted adventure, and her father, an adventurous explorer who disappeared on a voyage to the Arctic.

At a resort in Cheju Island, South Korea, an American widow mourning her late husband and a young Korean man who has just received news of his brother's death become unlikely friends and explore the caves of Cheju Island together.

A privileged young woman from New England falls in love with a practical Midwesterner, but can their love withstand the grief of losing a child?

A elementary school gym teacher must think quickly when he and his students hear a gunshot from within the school.

A young teenage boy calls his sister to pick him up from a house where a group of other boys are watching a disturbing and violent porn film. When the siblings hit and kill a deer on their way home, his sister attempts to deliver the deer's baby by cutting it open. The boy reflects on the other boys' inclination toward violence, the strict rules their father sets for his sister, and his own capacity to cut into flesh.