Short stories published in Octavia's Brood

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A snarky teenage boy attending a high school for intelligent students in space discovers that his favorite professor has been fired, and he soon begins receiving mysterious messages claiming that he is in danger. The boy and his best friend go into hiding and must find a way to escape before being captured by the school's many soldiers.

An African-American doctor has successfully developed a new technology to cure several diseases and cancers, but in the face of a recent health crisis, others are finding more risky solutions that put the doctor and entire racial groups in grave danger. When the doctor is soon attacked and abducted, a stranger embarks on a dangerous mission to save her.

When a fallen angel makes it her mission to help humanity, she realizes her efforts come at a cost. Though she manages to save several innocent children from violence and tragedy, she begins to become more and more human, feeling herself growing increasingly angry and vengeful.

A young woman living in California in the near future reflects on the disasters that have destroyed most of the world around her. She finds comfort amidst the chaos through special abilities that she inherited from her ancestors.

Throughout her life, a young woman from the future has gathered evidence about her ancestors to understand the way they lived before and during the era when society was reimagined.

After a revolution, disabled peoples have been captured and banished to a new planet. When they receive a message from Earth, the exiled peoples believe they are in great danger and must decide whether to stay in the society they have established or journey to the other side of the planet to escape.

As climate change continues to worsen, the American government issues a mandate requiring citizens to register their location and limit their oil-dependent travel to less than twenty miles per month. When a young woman living in California hears the news, she struggles to determine where her home is, considering her family lives thousands of miles away.

On a distant planet, the elders who bring sunlight into the sky have gone missing in the midst of a world war against humans. One child must find the sun gatherers and help defeat the humans.

When a young Puerto Rican woman finds herself working retail as part of her prison sentence for participating in a protest, she discovers that laughter may be her most powerful weapon.

An Ethiopian prince from AD 1148 travels the country developing groundbreaking technology with the help of a farmer's daughter, whom he soon falls in love with. When he eventually becomes king, he realizes it is not just his country that he must lead to prosperity but the entire planet.