Short stories published in New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction of People of Color

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In concentration camps of a distant past, a middle-aged mother seeks vengeance for her daughter's death with dark, heretical magic, despite her devout husband's disapproval. Ultimately, she sacrifices her life to save her soul and liberate her fellow prisoners.

Cinnamon Jones, an old woman hiding out from the post-Water War high tech capitalist environment, is visited by old lovers in disguise.

A young, aspiring Native chef in New York City falls in love with a mysterious deer-woman, who convinces her to murder and harvest the hearts of white women to avenge the deaths of her ancestors.

A young Malaysian girl falls in love with a mysterious creature that is half woman, half-ocean-centipede, but they drift apart into their different worlds. Years later, the creature encounters the girl as an adult with her family, and their love is given a second chance.

A cynical cab driver who ferries alien tourists from a spaceport to New York City is unwillingly involved in a cover-up when a drugged-up alien throws itself from his cab and dies. Shortly thereafter, a relative of the dead alien comes looking for answers with a ship that could destroy the world.

Set in ancient Asia, two lovers conspire against their powerful leaders to avert a sure-to-be devastating war by mistranslating their correspondences.

A supernatural tailor grants the emperor tighter control of his subjects through the power of fashion.