Short stories published in McSweeney's

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A man must hunt down his painkiller-addicted ex-boyfriend and attempt to rescue the ex from his drug dealer.

An older man recounts how White settlers violently removed him from his home and took him to a boys ranch to strip him of his indigeneity.

A son tells a series of stories, most of them about his father and stepfather. As the son describes a robbery that took place at his house in high school and his experiences with his father, a former Jehovah's Witness and current alcoholic, he begins to recall details from his childhood.

When a young adult accompanies her avoidant mother to a mammogram appointment during a visit to her suburban hometown, she receives terrible news that throws her identity in flux.

A thirty-year-old woman is given the chance to travel back in time and change the fate of a bullied nine-year-old girl —possibly the nine year old version of herself.

In a society where women are prohibited from wearing clothing unless they are married, one woman risks friendships and her livelihood to remain free and unmarried, but finds that she cannot escape the social stigma of being unclothed.

When a middle-aged lawyer seeks a new apartment in southeastern France, he makes a deal with the current tenant, hoping she won’t live much longer. As the years go by, however, it seems like the old lady might live forever.

A young girl talks about her friend who has a mother having an affair. The girl and her friend engage in their own scandalous behavior for fun and live for the thrill.

On a road trip from Ann Arbor to Buffalo, a young man stops in Cleveland and meets a whole host of characters who, like the pseudonyms they've chosen, aren't quite what they seem.