Short stories published in McSweeney's Quarterly Concern

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Triggered by a fellow addict at a group therapy session, a man finds himself on the streets, in search of anything that will help him feel better.

After his mother leaves to work as a nurse in Rwanda, a child's hypochondriac father diagnoses him with all kinds of different ailments. He uses these misdiagnoses to explain away his son's silence and strange behavior.

A writer is shocked when his retired father begins to publish stories. The man struggles to admit that his father is a talented writer, especially since the stories are based on events from the man's childhood.

When a washed-up, middle-aged actor famous for portraying a vampire travels to Florida to proclaim his love to his co-star and best friend, he tells a story about a haunted bungalow that causes the horrible secrets of their past to resurface.

A town has frequent visits from phantom apparitions, and the townspeople have many explanations for the ghosts, ranging from disbelief to hallucination to the idea that humans and phantoms were once a single race.

In a dystopian world, the red water ocean attracts tourists but repels residents. When a couple moves from Boston to the somewhat abandoned shore, strange things begin to happen.

When an alcoholic-turned-family man in modern-day Cleveland has sleeping problems due to his son’s night screaming, he is haunted by his other family that he left behind a decade prior. During a nightmare about his old family, he wakes up to an even more grim reality.