Short stories published in Galaxy Science Fiction

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When a bartender discovers that bug bites give him dreams, he attempts to solve his marital problems by making his wife experience the dreams with him.

A dinosaur hunter explains why he will not let a potential client accompany him to the Jurassic or the Cretaceous periods with a harrowing story about a spoiled rich man.

In a universe where time travel has become the norm, an inexplicable suicide epidemic afflicts the people who successfully ventured to the past, leaving a grisly detective with a confounding mystery to solve.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a young boy in the last family on Earth wonders if he has just spotted the face of another survivor.

After a young woman receives a secret message from a flying saucer, she refuses to reveal it and suffers as a social outcast.

An explorer tells the tale of his time on another planet before making a strange request.

In New York City, a woman is saved from being hit by a rogue car by a British man, and asks him to help her run away to England for her safety. A wrestler who knows her interrupts, revealing her feelings for him and that the plea for flight is a sham; the British man is being played.

A young boy in 20th-century Los Angeles bides his time before the apocalypse by doing nothing out of the ordinary.

A bike worker's sudden mechanical epiphany leads to success for his partner, but something much worse for himself.

A man who is chronically late in a society where lateness is fatal takes up an alter ego that seeks to convince people that you shouldn't be a slave to your schedule.