Short stories published in Collier's

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Three months after the death of his wife, a man tries to convince himself that he has not truly suffered a loss, all the while missing his wife more than ever.

A hunter in 2055 pays for a precarious time-traveling service to hunt real dinosaurs. But when he actually encounters the giant reptiles, what was supposed to be a unique and cutting-edge experience becomes a horrifying domino effect that disrupts his world forever.

A well-known bullfighter grapples with the rising fame of a competitor known for his daring fighting methods. When the media begins to call the experienced fighter boring as the rivals' match approaches, the expert bullfighter must decide whether to alter his successful but obsolete methods to win back his audience.

A working-class mother has held only one hope for her entire life: that one day, her daughter would marry well and wealthy, and take care of her in her old age. When her daughter reveals that the man she loves is not wealthy, her mother's dreams of rest are dashed and divided.

A man recalls a friend whose marriage dissolved in 1914 Bosnia around the time the archduke of Austria was assassinated.

Stranded on a ominous island and taken in by a lavishly rich gentleman, a celebrated hunter finally gets a taste of what it's like to be the prey.

A smart house of the near-future has to fend for itself against a menacing fire when its residents are nowhere to be found.