Short stories published in Black Static

A British horror and dark fantasy magazine founded in 1993 that has twice won the British Fantasy Award for "Best Magazine."

Listing 22 stories.

While assisting her neglectful family's con-work at a carnival, a thirteen-year-old girl is enticed by a mysterious high-school dropout who makes her feel seen.

Cowan will do anything to get revenge on the man who killed his own child and drove Cowan's lover to suicide.

A woman living and fishing in the mangroves of Southeast Asia finds a wounded mermaid with a face almost identical to her own. She attempts to rescue and protect the mermaid from her ex-lover, a merchant who is seeking mermaids to cut off their tails for a profit. Despite her intense attraction and total submission to the powerful merchant woman, the fisherwoman finds herself going to desperate measures to keep the mermaid from her inevitable suffering at the hands of the woman she once loved.

In the post-apocalyptic United States, a handful of survivors fend off demons desperate to feed on human flesh.

A girl with a big imagination tries to use magic to heal her little brother, but the consequences are far worse than she could have dreamed.

A young woman discovers a nest of massive eggs, and she soon encounters the mother.

A young girl in a post-apocalyptic world must deal with living near a boy who ate her family when he was infected by a ravenous plague.

Dermot, a being with an insatiable hunger but a controlled demeanor, works with police to find and kill predators, like himself, who are ravaging the city.

An archaeologist finds an ancient funeral cave and intact skulls containing jars of bone marrow. When she studies one of the jars back at the lab, she accidentally exposes herself to its contents and experiences a strange transformation.

A man, who gives his wife space by revisiting the seaside bed and breakfast from his childhood, becomes part of a murder investigation and is intrigued by a mysterious woman.