Short stories published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

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In a dystopic universe where the aristocracy rules society, a banished tailor is given the opportunity to redeem herself by fashioning a coat from the sky for a nobleman. When the project reveals the dark history of the city's stratification, she is forced to make a choice between revolution and redemption.

A mystical woman provides a refuge for families in their caravans for the night but is often haunted by her past and regrets. One day, a family that stays the night becomes caught in the whirlwind of dangerous magic and threatens to break the peace between the other mythical landlords of the area.

A young, energetic clockwork marionette joins the carnival to find her absent mother and learns about love, death, and forgiveness when she raises her own son.

A weary healer seeks to leave her warrior wife, her village, and a life endlessly tainted by war.

In a futuristic, war-torn Asian city, a shapeshifting nine-tailed fox's quest to permanently take on human form is interrupted when he's captured by a renegade soldier.

A young woman grows up without magic in a magical family and society, with strict rules and roles that are often tied to gender. When she sets off on a journey and her adult life begins, she finds her worldview tested—especially when members of her family come out as transgender and begin to transition.

A young witch's apprentice brings her crush along with her to harvest pixies, making him swear to not get into trouble; as they fall deeper in love, they wander closer to peril.

A young girl endures the loss of her twin sister. In grief and denial, she comes to believe in a false identity and goes hunting in the woods, where she encounters a dangerous spirit that threatens to imprison her for eternity.

A group of rivers in human form run from the human empire that would enslave them to power their cities, seeking the ocean in hopes that its endless waters will help them destroy their enemies.

In a town divided by wealth, a lower class teenage girl gets an unlikely job working for a personality surgeon and goes to great lengths to protect her younger sister.