Short stories published in Astounding Science Fiction

Listing 18 stories.

A routine inspection for a Space Navy ship leads to confusion over a vague item. A hasty fix before a military inspection causes more stress than intended.

An intergalactic space war leads to a gladiator-like fight between a human and a spherical alien. They fight to the death, and whoever wins prevents the annihilation of their race.

In a future Boston, a passenger train disappears from a subway system so complex the system creates a second dimension. Government officials work to retrieve the missing car, but struggle to solve the impossible mathematic equations the system created.

A doctor plans an insurrection against the aliens that kidnapped his crew. After being taken prisoner on an alien planet, a doctor and his remaining crew devise an intricate means to escape.

A scientist travels to a space station orbiting Jupiter to try and figure out why the technology linking a human to a rudimentary, genetically-engineered form on the planet's surface. Over the course of his stay, he tries to figure out the nature of the relationship between the minds of the Jovian being and the human.

A trapper in the Alaskan wilderness travels into another world through a portal and battles a larvae-like alien creature. A portal into another world opens in the Alaskan wilderness, and battle between a trapper and a larvae-like alien creature begins.

When a space exploration program costs five men their lives, the manager of the program decides to send himself and his dog to Jupiter to investigate the men’s disappearances and save Earth from an encroaching apocalypse.

When two friends purchased a housemaid robot that resembles Helen of Troy, the robot falls in love with one of them, creating chaos in their once-harmonious household.

When a flu epidemic leaves people with proteins that make them as hairy as chimpanzees, an American college student and a Mexican scientist in New York City work to develop a cure for mankind’s newest affliction.

In the future, two human men and their robotic companion are stationed at an old mining base on Mercury. When the robot goes missing on a mission, it's up to the men to find and rescue their companion—at risk to their own lives.