How to Add Stories to the Writing Atlas

We're creating a large catalogue of short stories for movie producers, screenwriters, academics, readers and ourselves. We believe this can be a great resource, and will help connect writers to new audiences.

When you write a short story entry, please include the following elements with our Hollywood audience in mind: - Logline (one-line summary of the plot and premise) - Genre - Character tags - Setting tags - Other tags - Coverage (a beat-by-beat plot summary written in third-person omniscient present tense.)

In addition, we need these pieces of info: - Word count (doesn't have to be precise, to nearest 500-count is fine) - Year of first publication (approximate is fine if that is all you know) - Venue of first publication (journal, anthology, book, website)

These pages will give you a guideline for submitting the metadata we need for the Writing Atlas. For questions, email us at

Next, learn how to write a logline.