Short stories by Yoon Ha Lee.

A Korean-American sf/f writer who received a B.A. in math from Cornell University and an M.A. in math education from Stanford University, Yoon finds it a source of continual delight that math can be mined for story ideas. Yoon’s novel Ninefox Gambit won the Locus Award for best first novel, and was a finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, and Clarke awards; its sequels, Raven Stratagem and Revenant Gun, were also Hugo finalists. His middle grade space opera Dragon Pearl won the Locus Award for best YA novel and was a New York Times bestseller. Yoon’s short fiction has appeared in publications such as F&, and Clarkesworld Magazine, as well as several year’s best anthologies.

Listing 5 stories.

A brilliant and disgraced AI scientist must return to the institution that turned their backs on her to save the world from destruction by AI ships.

A decorated commander of an intergalactic space race embarks on a mission to rescue crewmates overcome by enemy forces, but when his cover is blown, he realizes that someone must be a double agent.

In a futuristic, war-torn Asian city, a shapeshifting nine-tailed fox's quest to permanently take on human form is interrupted when he's captured by a renegade soldier.

In a technologically advanced universe, an irritable music student living on a space station is visited by a strange creature seeking household employment.

On a distant planet, in a former thriving metropolis, the ghost of a temple cat tries to defend the ruins of her city against an evil intergalactic force.