Short stories by Warren Beck.

Beck was a longtime English professor at Lawrence University, noted for his novels, short stories, and literary criticism. Beck, a World War I veteran, taught from 1926 to 1968. In 1943 he left Lawrence to serve in the armed forces, teaching at the GI University in Shrivenham, England. He received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Earlham College, in 1956, and an honorary Doctor of Letters from Lawrence University in 1983. Beck died on June 29, 1986. Works by Warren Beck: - Man in Motion: Faulkner's Trilogy  - Faulkner: Essays  - Joyce's Dubliners: Substance, Vision, And Art 

Listing 5 stories.

An American couple’s dislike of their German neighbors escalates into suspicion when World War II begins across the sea.

A famous novelist emotionally manipulates a young artist in order to write about him and inadvertently causes the artist to commit suicide.

While waiting in line at the post office to send a package to his son who is fighting in World War II, a man sees a wealthy Jewish woman trying to cut in line and tries to intervene without being anti-Semitic.

After a mechanic's friend has a crisis about marrying, they decide to move across the country together, leaving their established lives behind.

On a weekend trip to their lakeside cottage, two anxious parents watch as their young son experiences nature and takes a small first step onto the long path of growing up.