Short stories by Susan Perabo.

Susan Perabo's primary teaching focus is fiction writing, though she teaches poetry, non-fiction, and contemporary literature as well. She's the author of four books of fiction -- two novels and two collections of short stories -- and has published fiction and non fiction in numerous publications, including The New York Times, One Story, The Sun, Glimmer Train, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Her work has been featured on podcasts like Modern Love and Selected Shorts. She likes to write on screens and read on paper. She thought she was going to be a writer who also teaches, but turned out to be a teacher who also writes, as explained here:

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A young adult moves back in with her mother after a stint in a psychiatric hospital for acts of arson. She soon learns her mother, and her mother's affairs, haven't changed a bit, but she tries not to let her mother's poor decisions be her downfall.

After a drunk college boy falls off a balcony, a slew of characters--a groundskeeper, another student, a chaplain, and an RA--relate to his death in different ways. Their stories are sidelined for the core matter: that a boy died.

A nerdy high school senior harbors a crush on her now-popular childhood best friend as she babysits his younger brother. When a plane crashes near their school and she lies and says she saw it, her crush takes an interest in her after years of ignoring her.