Short stories by Susan Minot.

SUSAN MINOT is an award-winning novelist, short-story writer, poet, and screenwriter. Her first novel, Monkeys, was published in a dozen countries and won the Prix Femina Étranger in France. Her novel Evening was a worldwide best seller and became a major motion picture. She received her MFA from Columbia University and lives with her daughter in New York City and on an island off the coast of Maine.

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When a Broadway actress goes on an island vacation with a sleazy playwright, she wonders if she could get used to such a detached and lackluster romance.

A woman recalls her sexual relationships when she was a teenager in a boarding school, noticing her regression from a passionate and energetic to a cynical and emotionally drained lover.

Daisy journeys to Nairobi, Kenya to escape her empty American life and meets a wealthy, seductive man.

In 1980s Boston, a woman and her family finally collect her mother's ashes almost two years after her death. Despite her father's remarriage and her many siblings' variegated lives, they all come together for a touching tribute to their matriarch's memory.