Short stories by Shanteka Sigers.

Shanteka Sigers loves it when a plan comes together. Sigers is Head of Scaled North America for Facebook’s Creative Shop. Scaled incubates and accelerates the fastest-growing advertisers on our platforms with creative solutions that transform their businesses. Shanteka Sigers is also the co-founder and Chief Brand Consultant, These Trillions. Sigers is the Former SVP Executive Creative Director with experience building multicultural and general market advertising campaigns for the Fortune 500. Sigers is also a Lecturer at the University of Texas, Austin (Cultural Fluency and Branding), listed by Business Insider as one of the Top Creative Women in Advertising and twice named among Black Enterprise’s Top Women in Marketing and Advertising. Shanteka Sigers holds a BS in Radio TV Film, from Northwestern University + MFA from New York University

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After one of her young lower-income students shows up to class disheveled, a female teacher from Chicago makes it her mission to create strong bond with the girl in hopes it will prevent her from dropping out of school. A story of compassion, empathy, and kindness, follow a teacher's journey in ensuring her students are cared for, while also learning more about the intricacies of her own life.