Short stories by Ron Rash.

Ron Rash’s family has lived in the southern Appalachian Mountains since the mid-1700’s, and it is this region that is the primary focus of his writing. Rash grew up in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, and graduated from Gardner-Webb College and Clemson University. He holds the John Parris Chair in Appalachian Studies at Western Carolina University. Rash is the author of 9 books: The Night The New Jesus Fell to Earth (short stories), Casualties (short stories), Eureka Mill (poetry), and Among the Believers (poetry), Raising the Dead (poetry), One Foot in Eden(novel), Saints at the River(novel), The World Made Straight (2006), and Serena (2008). His poetry and fiction have appeared in over one hundred journals, magazines, and anthologies, including The Longman Anthology of Southern Literature, Western Wind, Sewanee Review, Yale Review, Georgia Review, Kenyon Review, New England Review, Southern Review, Shenandoah and Poetry. In 1994, Rash was awarded an NEA Poetry Fellowship, and he won the Sherwood Anderson Prize in 1996. In 2001, he won the Novella Festival Novel Award, and in 2002 the Foreword Magazine’s Gold Medal in Literary Fiction for One Foot in Eden. The novel was also named Appalachian Book of the Year. His second novel, Saints at the River, was named Fiction Book of the Year by both the Southern Book Critics Circle and the Southeastern Booksellers Association. In 2005 Rash won an O. Henry award for his story “Speckled Trout” and received the James Still Award by the Fellowship of Southern Writers.

Listing 7 stories.

An elderly man returns to his family's homeland to harvest ginseng, but he comes into conflict with the U.S. Park Service and must run for his life.

A grieving professor, facing the thought of spending a holiday season alone, is happy for the distraction when his old student requests he examine her uncle's paintings. His investigation of the artwork leads him to the uncle's mysterious mental break in the midst of the World War II Ally invasion of France.

During the Civil War, a woman is approached by confederate soldiers who threaten to burn her house down until she reveals letters from her deceased husband.

A teenage boy in the throes of sulky, rebellious adolescence begins stealing a farmer's cannabis plants for quick cash, until his choices end up coming back to bite him.

An unpopular fifth-grade boy who is troubled by his drug-addicted parents discovers a plane crash site and retreats into fantasy.

In a rural Southern town, a reverend must decide whether he should baptize a man who murdered and abused his ex-wives in order to save a woman and her family from financial instability and uncertainty.

Sinkler escapes from his chain gang with a woman who also wants to escape her own version of prison, however, his escape ends in tragedy.