Short stories by Rachel Khong.

I’m a writer living in San Francisco. My debut novel, Goodbye, Vitamin, won the 2017 California Book Award for First Fiction, and was a Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist for First Fiction. From 2011 to 2016, I was the managing editor then executive editor of Lucky Peach magazine. With Lucky Peach, I also edited a cookbook about eggs, called All About Eggs. In 2018, I founded The Ruby, a work and event space for women and nonbinary writers and artists in San Francisco’s Mission district. I’m currently at work on a novel, and will squirm if you ask about it. It’s fine, it’s all going fine!

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A Chinese-American woman dies on her honeymoon from a crocodile attack, sending her to heaven and causing her to lose her memory of her husband and soulmate. In the afterlife, she must work to remember that which she left behind.