Short stories by Kent Nelson.

Kent and Dylan Nelson are father and daughter. They both write fiction and have birded together for the past twenty-eight years. Kent's latest novel, Land That MovesLand That Stands Still, will be published by Viking in 2003. He lives in Salida, Colorado.

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When a middle-aged man's wife moves away to go back to school, he worries that he will not be able to care for their three children on his own. As the year goes on, the wife becomes increasingly distant, and the husband, resentful of her for leaving, wonders if he can trust her or if their marriage will soon fall apart.

After a young man runs away and is said to be hiding in a canyon, his co-worker sets out to find him and ends up sharing his painful backstory of fear and lost opportunity.

In a small Wyoming town a married Christian roofer who fancies himself an outlaw visits a glory hole when he's meant to be home early to get the kids ready for school the next morning. His wife finds out from a call from jail, and she shoots a bear for digging up her garden.

A mysterious object planted at the beach entices Barkley to use his dormant, yet colorful imagination.