Short stories by Gord Sellar

I’m a Canadian writer who’s spent almost half his life abroad. I received an M.A. in Creative Writing (at Montréal’s Concordia University) back in 2001, and then I set out to see the world. At the moment, I’m back in South Korea, after a few years spent in Vietnam. Along the way, I’ve worked as a professor at a few South Korea universities, where I’ve taught Canadian Literature, Creative and Journalistic Writing, American Culture, and survey courses in Stage Drama and Poetry. These days I work at Korea University and mostly teach academic composition and public speaking courses.

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In the year 2033, a reviewer for a novel written by an algorithmic recreation of Isaac Asimov’s brain believes the work acts as a reverse Turing Test, prodding the self-consciousness of its human readers through its unorthodox construction. According to a think piece written by a fictitious reviewer in the year 2033, a novel written by a simulation of Isaac Asimov's brain is capable of interrogating humans about their own self-consciousness.